Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

FATHER COFFEE & VINYLS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP is the manager of the website


This privacy policy explains what kind of information we may gather when you visit our website or when what kind of information we may gather when you use our services. It is multilayered so you can easily find the reason for which we process your personal data and how they are used. Thus, we encourage you to carefully read this Privacy Policy and select the option “I agree” if you agree with the terms of this document.


  1. Processing Manager – Contact Details
  2. Where do we store the information you have provided
  3. Who has access to your data
  4. What information is collected


  1. Browsing the Website
  2. Data Processing for advertisement purposes
  3. Social Media
  4. Links to other websites
  5. Contacting us – Customer service


  1. Your rights
  2. When will we respond to requests concerning personal data?
  3. To whom can you appeal?
  4. How will you remain updated about changes in the Privacy Policy?


  1. Processing Manager – Contact Details


The company “FATHER COFFEE & VINYLS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP”, No. GEMI (General Commercial Registry): 153518606000, based in Thessaloniki, Greece, St. Kallari 9 Street,  legally represented, is responsible for processing personal data collected by you. For general information, you can contact us on, or call us on 231……………, or send a mail to the address above. You can also contact us via Facebook messenger.


  1. Where do we store the information you have provided?


The information we collect is stored within the European Economic Area.


  1. Who has access to your data?


Only the people responsible for each department of the company (department heads) have access to your personal data. Your personal data will be used exclusively for the purposes stated each time and the information will not be disclosed or sold to third parties for other, irrelevant, purposes.


We work with third companies for some processes and transmit some of your personal data to them or they have access to your data through our website. This is only so that we can provide services. You can find who has access to your data below.


  1. Information we collect


Our company learns about you either via our website or via the various activities we organize. It is very important to use to know your interests and worries because it allows us to improve and offer better services to you.


There are various ways through which you can share your data with us:

In most cases, you provide your personal data directly through the various forms you send, or we receive (mainly via our website, for example section: contact us).


In other cases, we collect the information (for example when we use cookies to make browsing on the website easier and understand how you use the website). You can find the cases that involve processing your personal data, their purpose and description listed below.


Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure that the data you provide is true and accurate. Users will be responsible for the inaccuracy of such data as well as for any damages that might be caused. Our company reserves the right to cease all relations with a user for the aforementioned reasons.


Α. Browsing the Website


When browsing the website, the following information is sent by your browser to our website without any action on your part (passively):

  • Your device’s IP address that made the URL request on our website.
  • Date and time of access.
  • Name and URL of the file requested.
  • The referrer-URL.
  • The browser you use, the operating system of the computer with internet access as well as the access provider.
  • The geolocation of your browser, operating system or other settings of your terminal, if you have agreed to it.

All the data listed above are temporarily stored in a log file.


Purpose and Lawful Basis for Processing

The purpose of everything listed above is to guarantee a proper connection establishment and an easy browsing of the website and the safety and stability of the system.

The lawful basis for processing is Article 6 par.1 section F of GDPR, which allows us to process data when it is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests.


For how long is the information stored?

Data are stored temporarily for the duration of the session and then they are automatically deleted. When you stop using our website, geolocational information is deleted.


Who has access to your data?

-We work with the company “PANAGIOTIDIS STAVROS”  for the creation and management of Google Analytics.

In addition, should you wish to, you can at any given time unsubscribe from the updates list by sending an email to but to also remove all data that are possibly collected during your browsing history.

The company will process your request within a reasonable time period from the date it was made.


  1. Processing Data for Advertisement Purposes


Google Analytics

When you visit, we use Google Analytics to collect log files and details concerning your browsing on our website.

Data collected include:

  • IP address of the device that has access to the Internet and made the URL request.
  • Date and time of access.
  • Name and URL of the file requested.
  • The referrer-URL.
  • Browser you use, operating system of your computer with Internet access, as well as the access provider are all stored in a log file.
  • The operating system of your portable device, if you are visiting the website through a portable device.
  • The type of the portable device and its settings.
  • Serial number of the portable device.
  • The redirecting website (the website that directed you to hours).
  • Action regarding the way you are using our website, like the sections you visit.


Our website might collect information about the exact location of the device using geographical location and technologies like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Cell tower proximity.


Most portable devices and browsers give you the ability to revoke the consent you gave us for the collection of the aforementioned data, using your device settings or browser settings.


If you have questions regarding how you can block information about your geographical location, contact your provider or the manufacturer of the device or your software or browser provider. All the aforementioned information is processed anonymously.


Data are stored for 50 months for marketing and statistical purposes and then are automatically deleted.


When you stop using our website, your geolocational data are deleted.




You can read more about cookies we use here (Cookie Policy).


You can stop the installation of cookies recording all of the aforementioned information regarding browsing in our website through your browser settings. However, if you do so, you might not be able to use the full range of services of our website.


You can also block the analysis of data created by the website’s cookies and regard its usage (including the IP address) as well as processing these data by Google if you follow the proper link according to the browser that you use:

Chrome, Chrome Android, Chrome iOS, Safari, Safari iOS, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera.


An opt-out cookie which blocks future analysis of your data when visiting this website is thus created. The opt-out cookie concerns only this browser and only our website and is stored only in your device. If you delete cookies from this browser you must save the opt-out cookie again.


For more information regarding personal data protection with regards to Google Analytics visit Google’s page here (


Purpose and lawful basis for processing

The purpose of collecting your personal data is to analyze your online behavior with regards to our online presence as well as the updates we send you. We analyze the sections of the website you visit, and which links you click while there.


The lawful basis for processing is the legitimate interest of the company based on Article 6 par.1 section F of GDPR and Article 49 of Greek Law 4624/2019.


If you have given your consent (for example by filling your name and email while contacting us), lawful basis for processing your consent is based on Article 6 par.1 section A of GDPR and Article 49 of Greek Law 4624/2019.


Data processing of clients for marketing purposes is considered as a legitimate interest of our company.


What information do we collect?

Each time you visit our website, your web address and last time you logged in are sent to us.


Why do we need the information?

With the data we collect, we create a profile in which the physical address and/or email address are listed in order to better adjust advertisements to your interests and send you our news via email (the one you have submitted when you contact us).


Right of Objection

You can file an objection against processing your data for the aforementioned purposes at any time and with no cost and valid for the future by contacting us at


For how long is the information kept?

The data are deleted if you revoke your permission from the email distributors or if you revoke your consent to individual advertising media or object to certain advertising mediums.

In addition, if you exercise the right of objection, your electronic contact address will be excluded from any advertisement data processing, within a reasonable time period.


Who has access to your data?

We work with the company “PANAGIOTIDIS STAVROS for the creation and management of Google Analytics.


  1. Social Media


The company maintains its own pages on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Spotify).

Any content sent to our website via social media or social media pages of the company might be public.

For that reason, be careful when you provide personal information.


Social media provide detailed information about the application field, nature, and purpose of your data processing on their web pages.


  1. Links to other websites


You can find links to partner websites, advertisement and other third parties that are not covered in this document on our website.


We encourage you to read first the privacy policy of the websites you visit, before disclosing any personal information on them.


E.Contact us


Purpose and lawful basis for processing

Each time you reach out to us with general questions regarding the company or our products – services, we keep the information you provide in order to answer.

The lawful basis for processing is Article 6 par.1 section F of GDPR and Article 49 of Greek Law 4624/2019, that is the legitimate interest of our company.


What information do we need?

We need information regarding you so that we can contact you. More specifically, we need your name and email address as well as the content of letters or emails you have sent us.


Why is the information needed?

We use your personal information to answer and process your requests and maintain a file with our communication.


Who has access to your data?

We collect data and receive updates regarding the receipt of our emails- news, if you have opened them and data regarding your browsing, like geographical location, IP address, device which you used during your visit, browser.

In addition, we might collect information linked to third parties, like demographical information or browsing data.


To ensure that no error was made during entering your email address, we have a double-opt-in process: after entering your email address in the specified field, there is a specific checkbox that is your decision to choose it or not.


Only if you choose it will your email address be sent to Grammedia LTD for sending news to you via email.

For how long is the information stored?

The information is deleted six months after our last contact with you, unless for other reasons (e.g. for our protection in case of an appeal) we must keep them for longer.

  1. Your rights

We will keep the confidentiality of your personal data and ensure that you can exercise your rights. You can exercise your rights without any cost, sending us an email to the address, simply stating the reason for your request and the right you wish to exercise.


If we think it is necessary to confirm your ID, we might request a copy that proves your identity.


Regardless of the purpose or lawful basis for processing basis according to which we process your data, you have the following rights:

  • Right of information: You have the right to be informed about the way we use your personal data and about your rights.
  • Right of access to your personal data. You have the right to remain updated about whether we process your data. If we do, you have the right to remain updated on the purpose of the processing, the kind of data we keep about you, to whom we give data to, for how long they are stored, if there is automated decision making and for the rest of your rights, like right to correct, delete or limit processing and to file complaint to the Data Protection Authority.
  • Right to correct incorrect personal data. If you find an error in your data, you can file a report for us to correct it (for example: correct the name or change your address). Actively providing personal data to us for any reason, you guarantee that these data are true and accurate and agree to notify us of any change or update. You have the sole responsibility for any loss or damages caused on the website or the person responsible for the website or any third party due to inaccurate or false information in the registration documents. Please keep in mind that you must provide only your personal data and not data of third parties, except in cases allowed by this Privacy Policy.
  • Right to delete.

You can request us to delete your data if they are no longer required for the aforementioned process purposes.

However, this right might not be fulfilled if:

– There is an ongoing legal dispute with our company.

  • You have the right of transfer of your data. You can request to receive in written form the data you have provided or request us to relay them to another person responsible for processing.
  • Right to limit processing. You can request us to limit the processing of your data for any amount of time the review of your objection is pending.
  • Right of objection to the processing of your personal data. You can object to processing your personal data or revoke your compliance and we will stop processing your data if there are no compelling and legitimate reasons to continue. In addition, you have the right to object to the processing of your data for advertising purposes. You can withdraw your consent at any given time:
  • Deactivating cookies by changing the settings of your browser. For more information, visit our cookie policy here (Cookie Policy).


  1. When do we respond to requests concerning personal data?


We respond free of charge, without any delay and within one (1) month upon receiving your request. If, however, your request if complicated or there is a large number of requests, then we will notify you within the month if we need an extension of another two (2) months to answer.


If your requests are manifestly unfounded or excessive due to their repeating nature, our Company can charge a reasonable fee, taking under consideration the administrative costs to keep you updated or process your request or disincline to continue processing your request.


  1. Right to complain to the Supervisory Authority

You have the right to complain to the supervisory Data Protection Authority, if you think that processing your personal data is violating the current national and regulatory framework law concerning personal data.

The competent supervisory authority in Greece is the Data Protection Authority (postal address: 1-3 Kifisias Avenue, Athens /, ph. 2106475600).

  1. How to remain updated for any modifications made to this Privacy Policy.

We will update this Privacy Policy when necessary. If there are important changes to the Privacy Policy or the way in which we use your personal data, we will publish the changes on our website.

We encourage you to periodically read the Privacy Policy so that you know how your data are protected.


If you wish to contact us for any reason regarding the processing of your personal data and exercising your rights, you can call us at 231………………. or send an email to