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Father is hiring

April 27, 2022

We are currently hiring for a position on our Front House team.

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January 17, 2022

Ikigai (生き甲斐, ‘a reason for being’) is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living. It is often compared to similar concepts, such as mission, dream, vision and

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The preset

July 19, 2021

Be part of our aesthetics: We have launched an instagram preset for your stories, reflecting the colours of Father coffee. The preset highlights warm colours with a vintage aesthetic, ideal for urban stories and city

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The Equality T-shirts

May 26, 2021

T-shirts designed on the account of pride by Georgia Harizani are now available in store in sizes L & XL. The concept evolves around conveying support for equality, communicated through the phrases “Pride/Equality is the

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Father is hiring

May 6, 2021

We are currently hiring for a position on our Front House team. The Father team is looking for an experienced Barista who is equipped with coffee knowledge to perform daily operations of the Father bar

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Proud cup

The proud limited cup

March 20, 2021

Standing in solidarity to human rights and the equality rights of the LGBTQ community, we are proud to serve our freshly roasted coffee in limited edition pride cups, beginning early April and until the cups are sold

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Retail quality Father products in store

March 2, 2021

Buy retail products instore to enjoy your own quality coffee at home when you cannot enjoy it at Father.

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The retail shelf

February 16, 2021

You can bring Father products and flavours at your home simply by visiting our retail shelf. You will find our unique blends and coffee varieties (Africa, Guatemala, Ethiopia) grinded according to your needs in-spot, biodegradable

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Father coffe menu

The small big universe of Father Coffee

December 8, 2020

Coffee is no longer just a daily drink, but a delicious gastronomic experience of different varieties, blends and roasts. The origin and roasting of our coffee has been undertaken by the coffee expert Sakis Senos

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The surreal illustrations

September 9, 2020

For a limited time only, we host at Father a collection of prints with illustrations based on surrealism and various symbolisms by Illustrator-Art Director Liana Mavronanou. All prints will be available for pre-ordering and will

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