The small big universe of Father Coffee

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The small big universe of Father Coffee

December 8, 2020

Coffee is no longer just a daily drink, but a delicious gastronomic experience of different varieties, blends and roasts.

The origin and roasting of our coffee has been undertaken by the coffee expert Sakis Senos and the company Pianeta Gusto.

What we offer you in a cup of coffee is a product of hard work and knowledge from many people.

You can choose between one of the specialty coffees that are changed daily in our mills. Either the African Blend which is our house blend, or seasonal varieties that have been selected from specific plantations and farms from Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, always freshly baked and freshly ground in Thessaloniki. We also recommend Father’s Cold Brew, a very slow extraction of filter coffee which is done with cold water and the distillation lasts from 6-24 hours, giving a very rich in aromas coffee with balanced acidity and full body. In the winter months do not forget to try our filter coffee made with the V60 process. This process gives a delicious result that has nothing to do with the filter coffee that we all knew until now.

In our retail corner you will find all the coffees offered by Father but also equipment to make them at home.

Also, every day you will find a variety of handmade sweets such as fluffy cinnamon rolls, French canelés, tahini choco bites, cheese bacon honey brioches but also the cake of the day.

Father is characterized by its simplicity without unnecessary elements, its open friendly coffee bar, and its high-ceilinged interior that offers a sense of freedom.

Father strives for the planet by having exclusively biodegradable glasses and straws, as well as a discount on every coffee you take in your own glass.

You can also order our coffees through the Wolt application.

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