The event


The event

July 3, 2020

Coffee tasting: Geisha Peru and Father’s blends.

We are proud to present our first ever coffee tasting event which will include one of the best coffees in the world, Geisha Peru coffee, and one of the best coffees served in Thessaloniki, Ethiopia Guji Uraga.

The Geisha coffee is rated one of the best coffees in the world, with online auctions that are breaking world record prices. The Geisha cup is highly complex with flavors of jasmine, peach and bergamot. This coffee is absolutely stunning with a delicate mouthfeel. The Geisha that we will offer is handpicked at an altitude of 1500-1800 in the Chirinos District of Peru, and is processed by fermentation with cherry fruits and quick drying.

The Ethiopian Guji Uraga coffee is already discussed among the coffee connoisseurs of the town, as one the best served in Thessaloniki. It is picked at the Guji region at an altitude of 2300 meters and holds tropical aromas and a taste of ripe mango.

During the event, other Father’s blends will be served for tasting, followed by commentary and discussion with our specialized baristas.

Wednesday, 8 July at 18.00. Limited seats available.

Price for attendance: 10 €

Reserve your seat here:

18:00 – 19:00 event

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